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I am nothing, nothing is everything!

By: Shajan Samuel

Who are we? nothing, a tiny speck of dust, inconsequential & irrelevant. We by ourselves are nothing, we are just a subset of several factors – prayers of well-wisher’s, blessings of elders, love & affection of close ones. Once this acknowledgment is in place, then the journey of life is far more beautiful & fulfilling.

‘I ought to have more serenity about the things I can’t change,’ versus ‘Grant me serenity,’ there is a humility, a surrender, an openness. If you say, ‘grant me,’ you’re saying you can’t do it by yourself. Or you wouldn’t be there,”

We need everyone, but we need to do it alone is a paradoxical statement. I don’t know of an easier & simpler way to put this across.

When people ask me, especially my close ones, why are you doing so much charity? What is the benefit for you? How do you gain? My simple answer to them is “It is not about me, it’s about them, & what I do for them matters. Life is not just financial gain alone, what about intellectual gain? What about spiritual gain? For me life is in aggregation. One incident doesn’t make or break a person. Life is not the solving of a sum, but the painting of a picture.”

How far you go in life depends on the parents you were born to & the pin code. I call it the ovarian lottery. This was predecided & not my smartness which got me here & it’s not their fault which got them there.

God blessed me, & continues to – He created me for a reason, for a purpose. My Bank balance may be zero, I may loose on earth, but in the kingdom of God, I will score. He will bless me in abundance – helping the downtrodden, the marginalized, bringing a smile on their lips, improving the quality of their life is a privilege & the very reason why God created you. The opportunity is immense, we are far more capable than the designation on our visiting cards, we have  far more to offer. Someone there, needs us. Listen to their voices, give wings to their dreams .

Look beyond us, look inwardly. Nourishment of the soul comes first. The best exercise for the heart is bending down and picking people up.

Our dreams, are more powerful than our memories, and our dreams should be about fulfilling their dreams.

In the final analysis, the money in the bank, the car you drive or the house you stay don’t count. What counts is the impact you made on people’s life’s.

My hunger for a transcendent experience with forces I can’t always explain is my driving force.

Believe in God, only he can save you from deliverance of the shortcomings of your finite existence.

Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the non-existent, the (material body) there is no endurance & of the eternal (the soul) there is no change .

I am nothing, nothing is everything.


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