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Trading Yoga.

Financial Freedom.

Hard way to make easy money.

Interesting choice of words isn’t it. Yes, indeed, and that is what got me started with taking the plunge of investing my precious weekend to only realize that the precious knowledge and insights given by Mr. Balakrishna Shenoy is unparalleled.

Mr. Shenoy has left his corporate life and started “MPowerU Academy”, the three M’s – Money, Method & Mind. He has run a series of workshop for interested individuals currently from a closed-circuit group and will be opened to public eventually. There are two different perspectives to this, one who is looking to do active trading and the other who is willing only to venture as a systematic investor over a long time-period horizon.

  1. Trading basics: Training on technical analysis
  2. Trading Yoga, your ticket to financial freedom: Training on Fundamental analysis

The charts and numbers with live data gets the action going from the first hour itself. With live price tracking, strategy examples from renowned traders, Balance Sheet understanding, comparison of real company data against their stock price, creating your own accounts with the best data and analysis providers in market, keeps your interest even after you are home having dinner and comparing shape of the food on your plate to some candlestick pattern of the dragonfly doji or the shooting star. Overlay of graphs with numbers, trend lines seemed to be most intimidating thing on Friday before the session, but now, it is a breeze to look at them and at least know what it means. Trading based on this can take you a while once you are confident to put your money where your mouth is, however, the knowledge and the after-training support that you would get by staying in touch with similar minded people and continue to get valuable feedback (through various virtual connect points) on your questions and strategies from experts within is priceless.

Like the famous saying “A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind”, this small investment of a weekend will take a huge leap for your mind and finance.

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