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Children are a gift from up above and I believe in it in spirit, mind and letter. Children and yours truly share a very interesting bond. During my growing up years I for a strange reason could never stand the sight of anyone in my vicinity mollycoddling and sweet talking to their child and many summers after that I realized as an entertainer I was off the mark completely – children are a lot like me – born with a smile, inquisitive, honest, passionate having a sense of joie di vivre and a charm to carry off any situation, Children are my biggest stakeholders as an entertainer. If they are entertained, then the rest is history.

June 12th is an important day for CRY – Child Rights and You, on this day we make a pledge, a promise to ensure that no kids around the world go through labour of any kind. I have had the opportunity to interact with kids very closely as an entertainer whilst hosting events for CRY and trust me there is no bigger high in life than to see a child smile and laugh in their own cherubic manner. I believe that if you want to lead a life, lead it like a kid – ask questions, search for answers, smile and laugh at every given opportunity, making the most of what life has to offer.

Whilst hosting the football tournaments for CRY. I for one always rooted for the kids with the widest smiles and the longest legs from SCSTESD. These kids came with the attitude that they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. It was a David versus Goliath situation and I love rooting for the underdogs, in a nutshell that’s what sports is all about. If you can express yourself in the best possible manner, the results will take care of themselves.

Children also love a fight which is fair and neutral and every child in this universe deserves a platform where he or she does not have to resort to labour to fend for themselves. So, let’s take a stand and help out the kind people at CRY with this wonderful initiative.



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