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Half Girlfriend Trailer

By: Shekhar Vijayan

I can be your half girlfriend starts with an anglicised voiceover asking the protagonist why he wants to study at one of the most hallowed educational institutes of India and his answer is also as half-baked as the question responding in English and ending up in Hindi. Arjun Kapoor has a stoned expression, similar to all his previous avatars, throughout this trailer and he has company in Shraddha Kapoor who plays his eye candy or basketball candy. Shraddha Kapoor has mastered the art of saying romantic lines in the darkest possible manner … one gets the feeling she reads from an imaginary black and white teleprompter. Now when you have talent like this, the other supporting actors have to just turn up and talk. Arjun’s friend makes more sense than him in matters of love shuv and aspirations. You get to see images of the north indian Heartland ,glimpses of New York and half girlfriend English coaching classes ( reminding me of rapidex English speaking course ) on a blackboard . The lead pair have a lot of things in common – that sir name, fathers who have married bombshells and their eyes which stare into a black hole for eternity. There is a moment in the trailer when the mother cries whilst trying to talk sense to her son.. one sympathises in this “who-dumbed-it ” trailer.

Food for thought – this trailer is like a bhaigan ka bartha which has been overcooked.

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