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Indian cricket is in cross roads at present, with all those in charge of its proper administration unwilling to assert its authority to stem the bad publicity following the alleged differences between Kumble and Kohli.  It is widely believed that this led to the loss to Pakistan, though I give full credit to the victors for their better performance on that day.  Any team would have lost to them on that day.

Both Kumble and Kohli are idols of the nation and held in high esteem by the followers of the game.  But if they conduct themselves in a manner that brings discredit to the nation and ridicule, no one will spare them, however high and mighty they may be.  Things have come to such a pass and the public are still to recover from the double blow.  Kumble has dignified stated his side of the story to the authorities, though not everything has been revealed by anyone.   Now Kohli says dressing room incidents should remain there only and he doesn’t believe in going public over it contrary to the way he behaved by taking an on field chatter a little too personally and going on about it during the india Australia Test series. Whilst this is a desirable and laudable stand, in a situation like the present, it cannot be kept out of public domain, and truth has to be known.   If Kohli is adjudged to have conducted himself in a manner unbecoming of a skipper of our national team, he should be relieved of his captaincy or even place in the team.  He is not bigger than the game.  Kohli cannot usurp the entire credit for our recent successes.  Does he think he alone brought us the victory?  If the coach and captain cannot meet and sort out their differences, despite being advised by the Trinity, both should have been relieved.  Until the truth comes out and Kohli is exonerated, his continuance in the team is not only untenable but tantamount to promoting trade unionism within the team.   Hope better sense will prevail soon. My best wishes to the concerned persons seized of this grave and ticklish issue.


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