Imagine if you cannot share jokes or memes or your views without prior Government approval on social media anymore. Imagine if you cannot do the candle light march to India Gate for a cause you feel very strongly about. Imagine if just on the basis of suspicion you could be jailed. Well that pretty much sums up what happened for 20 months from ’75 to ’77.

Indu Sarkar the new movie directed by the much debated Madhur Bhandarkar is scheduled to hit the cinemas soon. It has a very crisply edited trailer which just gives you a glimpse into the darkest period of the Indian independence. With an ensemble of star cast which includes some newbies like Kirti Kulhari and veteran actor Anupam Kher, does not fail you in giving the impression of who is playing the real-life characters. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks very much the part of the elder son of the then Prime Minister and some of his dialogues reminding you of some of the most controversial decisions ever to have been taken and implemented in the Indian history. With this political autocratic backdrop, there is an uprising of the Indian people.

As expected it definitely has run into multiple controversies with petitions filed in the court and with requests apparently going from some party members requesting the film-makers to remove content which might reflect badly on the top politicians or influential party members.

Well, needless to say such a movie with names and incidents giving you a clear resemblance to persons living or dead, is bound to attract eyeballs. Bhandarkar has gone on record to say that it is a fictional take on the then situation in India – LOL. What’s in a Bollywood movie without some drama, even more, some melodramatized scenes and especially if it has political connotation to it. Well, the verdict will be out in a couple of weeks and it might just click as there is no documentary evidence with the details of the reasons/rationale of the decisions made for such an important chapter in Indian history. Even the Shah commission report is not accessible to all. Would this movie make the cut between a mediocre or a good movie would only be known if the trailer can live up to the intriguing plot it has set the tone for. Hope it does not have the unnecessary songs, undue lengthy drama and silly Bollywood twists or turns.


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