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There are stars, there are superstars and then there are such talented, determined and hardworking stars who do not take stardom for granted and work and work till the last sweat in their body to get the best out of themselves and become No.1. That’s Serena Williams for you. She is the oldest No.1 ranked tennis player now and she fights it out on the court like an unseeded girl who is out there to prove to the world she has arrived on the centre court. She recently came into news for posing nude with her baby bump for Vanity Fair. She received a lot of flak and appreciation for what she has done. Some went to the extent of criticising her and wanted her to be ashamed of treating such a sacred thing as pregnancy in such a callous manner and showing off nude in the cover page of the magazine. Some found it so aesthetically done that they appreciated her and applauded her courage to do something so bold and beautiful.

Where I read a comment that “her side profile of holding the bump was no different from what she shows on the court, holding her racquet.” Ouch! That’s little too harsh I thought, taking a dig at her physicality. Let’s not forget she can beat the best of players across male and female categories yes, I know I’m getting back at the comment made by John McEnroe. We are talking about a star player who knew she was pregnant before the Australian Open began earlier this year. She took medical advice and concluded she could play but knew she had to win in straight sets as the third set would tire her out. Et Voila, she won all the matches in straight sets. Now that’s a fairy tale story, you have got to see the hard work that has gone in both physically and mentally. Her commitment to the game and the focus she conjures before every match is arguably unprecedented. She has 23 grand slams in her kitty and is still looking to come back in the January of 2018 because she says “I don’t think my story is over yet”.

To be honest I will not judge and pass an opinion on what is right or what is not. We read and see so many things about peoples’ choices and their lives. Everyone’s story is unique and something that is never and will be ever the same with another. Is there really a right or wrong way to look at this? Where would you “draw the line” or when would you say someone’s “crossed the line”? Where is it? Is it the law? Is it moral or immoral? Is it something mamma said was wrong? Is it something your father won’t approve of? Is it something you wouldn’t want your daughter to do but wouldn’t say a word for someone else’s daughter? Is it wrong to have a baby before marriage? Is it wrong to show-off your baby bump? Is it not ok to do a photo shoot of your new born? Is it ok to share the pictures of your baby only after they turn 3 years? I mean who comes up with these rules for others?

Kareena Kapoor when she was pregnant was advertising for a clothing line which was exclusive for pregnant women. Some made a comment that “She knows how to make money here too”! Many had a problem that she started getting back to a routine of health monitoring and losing weight post-delivery to get back into shape. I sensed some people had a problem with it but why? What is wrong with working or in her case advertising while she’s pregnant, isn’t it similar to attending a business meeting in a corporate world. Isn’t it ok to be wanting to get back to prime shape after delivery. What are the rules of this game? Do you know?

Like the famous saying, “You love it, you hate it, but you can’t ignore it”. Serena Williams has been in the news for far too long for the good, the bad and the ugly. She has conquered many of her demons on and off the field and is out there to prove everytime someone writes her off. She is someone who is set to show the world that it isn’t over until she says its’ over! More power to you girl and I liked your photo-shoot by the way!

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