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Love & Compassion

By: Namrata Bhatia
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When I recently met with his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the one topic that he kept emphasizing on was Love and Compassion.

Let’s understand the topic related to our lives. How many times have we chosen not to have love or compassion. And why is that? Because the ego is bigger than love, and our comfort zone is about being judgmental, critical, fault finding, and being right! I’m feeling good about thinking I’m right!!! It satisfies the ego, but in-reality, fragments the soul. Being compassionate, requires unconditional acceptance of the other. No judgement, no criticism, no negative thought in the mind. Love and compassion is a simple and easy feeling. The aggression goes missing!! And You ask yourself? Am I losing my steam?

Your journey is your own. And it requires deep focus and concentration, to live it fully. Why waste time on matters that are not part of your precious journey? If you look within and decide to focus your time on your own journey, it’s difficult to spare time in planning the life or time of another. Look back at how many times you may have deviated from a focused thought, only because you got waylaid on a subject that may have been of less or no relevance to you.

We tend to make profound comments or judgements on subjects or people, which sometimes are the half-truth. The bottom line being, I am right! What you do not understand is, the impact the conversation has on your body. Any thought that springs from negativity creates a chemical imbalance in the body. So, if you really seek within, each of us is born to focus on our own soul journey, because time is precious and evolving of the soul is the process. Looking within will assist you to lend a hand to this development.

Practice the art of controlling your thoughts, controlling your mind, and become aware of the time you spend on others versus yourself. I’m not asking you to be a recluse or an anti-social person. I am requesting you to be an observer. When you have to interact with another soul, can you lift their spirit? Or would you dampen it with your opinion or action. Feeling love and compassion certainly impacts the other and lands on them in a manner that makes you live in their hearts forever. So, practice compassion, practice forgiveness, practice non-judgement, and practice joy. This practice is not going to impact another as my much as it is going to transform your own life. Be unconditional, be love, and be happy! This is this moment.


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