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Micro Bites II

By: SassyAana

Expectation Bites !

The wife looked on early morning as the father of her child, opened his eyes and planted the most loving kiss on his little girl’s forehead.

The wife stared on later as he chatted merrily with his Mom giving her utmost attention and care sitting by her bed.

The wife gaped at how worried he was for his friend whom he checked upon every day since his minor accident happened.

She wondered what she had not done right through these years to let herself be so taken for granted.

Pleaded, begged for his love and attention that never came her way even after asking why she never mattered to him through questions a hundred.

He had no answer and found her foolish, he had just assumed her as a mantel piece in his showcase whose feelings he never felt the need to be read!


Twisted Love Bites

Wrapping up her morning chores of cooking and serving, she rushed to her room to get set for work.

With the ‘Saree day’ at workplace in her mind, she pulled out an elegant crisp saree while failing to notice the husband’s smirk.

As she arranged the accessories to go with it came his jibe from behind, ‘Is it only YOU or your entire office that comes over-dressed like this?’

Realizing the obsessiveness and jealousy in the tone of her protective husband that sprung up when she looked prettier than usual,  she smilingly kept it back and absorbed the hiss.

Upset within her heart on his lack of trust and never able to decrypt his possessive streak, she dressed in a simple suit while heading to the office.

At the same time, back home the husband cringed about why he could never control his possessiveness and give her some days to feel beautiful with bliss!


To Grow up or to Not!

Stirring the glass of chocolate milk early morning she was reminiscing the childhood of her son gazing at his toddler pictures collage on the wall.

She pictured the little one crawling across the floor trying to put into his mouth a little soft ball.

She instinctively bent down to tap his head and snatch away the ball, only to suddenly realize it was just her imagination.

And then she instantly sprang into action hearing the lad shout ‘Mamma, I can’t find my Math’s book’ sounding full of frustration.

She rushed to her boy’s room hunting frantically only to discover it under his study table thrown so carelessly.

She picked it up in annoyance trying to spank with it on his head as he ducked away only to realize helplessly,

That her lad now the 9th grader was already a feet taller than her making it unable to reach his head that giving him a chance to laugh at her endlessly!


Mamma’s pet:

‘Maa, can we have a pet please?’ asked the 4 year old pleading in the most cajoling tone.

‘No pets at home’ said the Mother with her voice stern and adding a big frown.

Still persistent the kid moaned, ‘Please Maa, a puppy, a cat, a bird or even a turtle would do’

Feigning anger the Mom retorted with a stricter, ‘No means a ‘No’ darling! Will you please concentrate on the homework that you are supposed to do?’

And he walked back to his room clapping his hands in the air saying, ‘Oh dear mosquito, come please be my pet.. I have no other options anyway with a Mom so bad!’

In the meanwhile the bad Mother was searching the net for ‘place to buy pets’ suppressing her loudest laughter hearing the last dialogue of her lad.


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