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By: SassyAana

A Mumbai-Bangalore Love Bite:

Sitting in her Bangalore home, the new bride who grew up in Mumbai shared a video on Facebook.

Standing at his Office window, her husband ‘liked’ the post giving the video a detailed look.

She had shared the festive food binges of the Mumbai – Mohammed Ali Road during Ramadan with a sad-face.

The husband drew up a plan for that evening with a list of all the must-try options on the Bangalore- Mosque Road to turn that into an emoji happy and glad!


The Revenge

The bubbly daughter-in-law posted a bunch of fun pictures of an outing on Facebook with her friends, husband and her lad.

The net savvy mother-in-law browsed through them all, saw her son’s happy face and still felt the pictures were bad.

The wife of her son was never her choice and to see that woman with her son pained forever in her heart.

Revengefully, she went on clicking ‘Like’ and ‘Love’ ONLY on the pics of the son ignoring every pic of which the daughter-in-law was a part!


Oh Mother!

The Mother’s heart aggrieved to hear her delicate daughter on the phone, she was explaining her daily woes of being bored at home having to do chores all by her own. And then in the evening the same Mother’s heart felt again a sting with helplessness in her heart,

Seeing her tired son walk in at 8pm after a long day at office drowned in his excels and marketing chart, One really tends to believe that the smallest of the pain of a child is always felt strongest by a Mother,

But why the same Mother fails to abide by the laws of the heart you fail to decipher, When the daughter-in-law walks in exhausted from work an hour later!


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