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The Death of a Funeral March

Ramanujam RS

“Saavu, word is that the old chieftain won’t live to see the sun rise. The doctors in the town hospital…

Shami Kebab

Kukku Vijayan

  Once it was the stronghold of U.P and Lucknowi cuisine but now it is universally served as a starter at any party or…

A Continuum of Deviant Mirages

Ramanujam RS
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  Behind closed doors of the bone-dry store, Perched on their cosy racks, my dear Maithreyi, The umbrellas beckon me,…

Having a beef with beef

Balakrishnan Unny
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  Who moved my beef? That’s the question most Indians are asking now. They, and by that I mean the…

Spiralling Perils

Vaidehi Krishnan
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I would love to help those who wish to give up smoking If only they would tune up and realize,…

Power of giving

Shajan Samuel

At some point in my life I looked back, paused and introspected & asked myself several pertinent questions. The first…

A Loki Affair

Ramanujam RS
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“I pay you fifteen dollars for this?” Thor acted humanly livid when the barber handed him his bill. It was…

Love & Compassion

Namrata Bhatia
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  When I recently met with his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the one topic that he kept emphasizing on was…

India’s plan – ICC Champions Trophy – 2017

Vinit Vijay

  The IPL has ended and the format will change from the T20s to the ODIs. All players are all set…

I Still do…

Asim Patnaik

My eyes were glued to her. I didn’t even blink. She was with her friends sitting two tables away. It…

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