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A Loki Affair

Ramanujam RS
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“I pay you fifteen dollars for this?” Thor acted humanly livid when the barber handed him his bill. It was…

Love & Compassion

Namrata Bhatia
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  When I recently met with his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the one topic that he kept emphasizing on was…

India’s plan – ICC Champions Trophy – 2017

Vinit Vijay

  The IPL has ended and the format will change from the T20s to the ODIs. All players are all set…

I Still do…

Asim Patnaik

My eyes were glued to her. I didn’t even blink. She was with her friends sitting two tables away. It…

The Pain Gain !

Vaidehi Krishnan
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  Oh! After all, what is pain? Bodily or mental it is just like the intermittent rain That comes down…

Charisma aka Rajesh Khanna

Vinod Nair
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The clock struck 9.30 am & my favorite programme ‘Aaj Ke Phankar’ was announced on Vividth Bharti, and lo behold, today’s Phankar, aur…

IPL Finals 2017 and beyond…

Narayan Mahadevan
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  21.05.17 will be the date when the IPL 10 will finally come to a close. The Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) was the…

The Awakening

Kalpana Rao

I met her nearly three years ago. This woman in question had her shoulders were slumped and hunched. She was…

Who should be a Teacher?

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“Bore”! That is the severest stricture on a teacher. The words of wisdom may fall from his lips, his head…

C.R.Y – World Day against Child Labour

Shekhar Vijayan
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  Children are a gift from up above and I believe in it in spirit, mind and letter. Children and…

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