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Raabta – Trailer review

By: SassyAana

‘Raabta -Everything is Connected’ promoted a beaming Sushant Singh Rajput on the pre-trailer release press meet. Kriti added in her bit  explaining the surreal feeling of discovering a  ‘Connection’ on the Day2 of shoot with SSR emphasizing the ‘it’s all connected’ philosophy. Appropriately the rumour mills had been running overtime with those connection stories between the lead stars publicizing their sizzling chemistry on the sets to raise up our expectation quotient. With all the build-up, I was glued to take in the SSR new release and expected to get connected to the movie. On the day of Trailer release, I managed to set the reminder and catch the Trailer  on time. And yeah as promoted, and promised I managed to feel it.. The Connection! In fact there was a seamless connection, scene by scene NOT with the movie, but with the rebirth saga in movies I have watched over the years. Unfortunately, Raabta comes across as the re-telling of the same old ‘ghisa pita’ reincarnation drama in a new package. The first half of the trailer is set in the current day and age with SSR the cool dude trying his best to woo the hot babe with cheesy lines.  The trailer quickly moves on to SSR and Kriti cooing up to one another at every given opportunity with chemistry that’s definitely  red hot and ready to burn the screen possibly giving dare goals to a Befikre?!? The period drama then enfolds with a flashback to a long-gone era with the lead pair in elaborate costumes and hairstyles. Depiction of two inseparable souls who lived, loved and died an untimely death amidst warring Kingdoms .

You can see extravagant art direction, intricate action sequences and enhanced visual effects as well. Several dots are playing mathematics in my head in my Movies Access Memory but I continue watching the trailer for my love for SSR. The Anti-hero walks from the past and he has waited 25 long years to stop the love birds from reuniting in this lifetime. There is complete mayhem and what follows is a lot more screaming, bloodshed and fights through which emerges SSR in ornate designer war-wear, braided hairdo and makeup. A mash-up of scenes and sequences between the past and the present puts forth the final message ‘What was left incomplete then will now be completed and connected’. By the time I am done with the trailer, the dots in my head are all connected to write my review. I am wondering if I should say it’s a flicked revamped version of the southern blockbuster Magadheera?!? OR can I call it a stylized repeat of the most forgettable Arya Babbar-Amrita Rao starrer Ab Ke Baras OR shall I go back in time to the golden 90s that witnessed the miserable flop PREM starring Sanjay Kapur and Tabu? Alright, SSR manages to look really cute like a puppy for the teens to swoon over in the first half and aces the angry-young-warrior avatar as well. Kriti.. Ahem! As always she excels at keeping her face sans expressions and her slender legs possibly do all the emoting. I make no mention of anyone else as no other actors come to the fore from the supporting cast in the trailer. Inspired by the last dialogue on their trailer, my one line review for the trailer will read:

‘Ek tha Raja – Ek thi Rani, dono mar gaye phir bhi khatam nahi hui ghisi piti kahaani’




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