I regret the mistakes I made in the past

‘I regret the mistakes I made in the past’. An article in a newspaper had this statement said by a famous person. Time and again I have heard enough people say it and I have said it n number of times! Regrets we all have and there are just too many. But and this is a very big ‘But’ why what one did in the past is classified as a mistake? The reply will be, because it turned out to be. Now, that’s a realization that hits you in the gut … right?

Let me ask this of my readers, do you knowingly jump in a pothole/puddle, nah, except when you did it as a child while playing. So, when a decision is taken to start something, be it a new relationship, buying a property, starting a business, shifting jobs, etc, etc, at that time do you have the vision which route that decision is taking you! If you knew something was going to fail, would you even get into it.

There are many decisions taken which do not take you to the destination you had thought it would take you. But, hasn’t it taken you somewhere? And have you not learnt a lot of things on way! Every seed sown is not going to bear fruits always, the plant may fall down, get eaten by cows, get infested with insects and what not. But, you watered it, protected it and nurtured it. Had you known it was not going to bear fruit, you would have not made the efforts, but fearing failure, you did not take the step at all, then?

When you start anything new, you are starting with all the hope and faith in this universe, and you put in all your efforts, but sometimes it was not meant to be! That what you started may spawn another new venture or relationship which turns out great, who knows? Don’t just rot away, be as the Nike ad says-Just do it….and continue in life as Johnny Walker says- Keep walking!!

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