Once it was the stronghold of U.P and Lucknowi cuisine but now it is universally served as a starter at any party or get-together and as a evening snack in most of the households. My recipe of Sheekh Kebab is a simple and easy one that I have learned from my North-Indian friends at Delhi. Its indeed lip-smacking.


Mutton kheema – 1kg – either buy the meat and mince it at the butchers itself or else buy the frozen ones from any supermarket.

Channa Daal – 4 tablespoons

Red Chilli (whole) – 5 Chilli’s

Ginger – 1 inch cut to small pieces

Garlic – A few pods cut into small pieces

Garam masala (whole) – Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Shahjeera – all together 1tablespoon

Salt – as per taste


Wash the minced meat thoroughly – drain all water. In a pressure cooker put the meat, Red chilli, Channa daal, Garam masala, Ginger, Garlic and salt. Just sprinkle some water. (Remember, the meat will leave water while cooking)

Pressure cook for about 8-10 minutes. Open the lid and cook till all the water evaporates. Let it cool. And put in the mixer jar and grind it for a few seconds, remove it. You will get a dough like consistency. Grease your palm with a little oil – make small lemon sized balls, flatten it and deep fry it in oil till it turns brownish and crisp.

Remove and let the excess oil soak on a tissue paper.

Serve it on a platter with onion rings, a dash of lime, and coriander pudina chutney – it can be served with chilli-tomato ketchup too.

P.S: don’t get worried the kebabs will not break or splutter in hot oil because the channa daal added acts as a binder too.

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