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I would love to help those who wish to give up smoking

If only they would tune up and realize, I am not joking

Both destruction and resurrection involve progression ‘inward’

The former chars and tars your insides; the latter elevates, shows the way ’forward’

Transporting you to a state of awareness that helps you gain control

Using your own beautiful mind’s prowess, your intellect and soul

With such powerful faculties all lying within each one of you

And you infused with energies and affirmations new

It is never ever late to make a clean, fresh and brand-new start

To change old programmed habits, while questioning your heart

Whether it is fair victimizing our ‘environment’ or ‘non-smokers’ with passive smoking

Or babies and young ones running risks that are forever looming

Afflicted perhaps more by the harm created callously or inadvertently by you

While ingesting involuntarily or even innocently emulating you

You could reflect or re-think; ignore or respond to this call                                                              

Nevertheless what is likely to ensue, is not trivial after all.

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