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Humble politician Nograj .. the Name gives it away . An oxymoron who is finding his way through a man hole in the opening shot sets the flavour. I have always wondered why do politicians wear spotless white at all times and why hasn’t some smart detergent brand try to cash on to that .. well that will make for a dark story on a bright day . .. this politician Nograj has the last word on everything – literally, figuratively and metaphorically.

He is complemented by a host of actors who know how to have fun in front of the camera. Sumukhi Suresh as Lavanya complements Danish Sait and improvises on the spot whilst the poker faced secretary – Manjunath is the ideal foil for this entertaining politician who will go all out to get the vote even addressing a lady from the slums as slum lady in his brash impulsive and stubborn manner. Roger Narayan and Sruthi Hariharan come in and give a flavour of what their character stands for .. This movie talks about flyover, votes and biryani in a very comic manner and from the looks of it .. it is a fun film with a message which is in omnipresent throughout this humble flick …I felt I was watching shades of the entertaining and dark – dictator whilst watching this trailer multiple times .. in a nutshell quite like the song in the end – what a beauty night it is .. I just for a moment thought that this flick has a soul of a Truman show in the most entertaining and political way .. and humble politician Nograj’s ode to everyone – good morning and yeah if I don’t see you at the movies .. good afternoon, good evening and good night.

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