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Oh! After all, what is pain?
Bodily or mental it is just like the intermittent rain
That comes down once in a while to just wash away some grime Amazing are both; pain’s purpose and its timing prime!

Well, as to coping with the agony of pain
It is a self-initiated, personal, experiential process that helps us gain Insights into facts related to our life’s lessons main
Its purpose is never to diminish our energies; or have them slain!

All it calls for is just a regimen of befriending the pain
Accepting and embracing it whenever it be; again, and again
This would help gain experience in reducing pain seeming like mountain
To something very endurable; reducing its dimension to that of a sand grain!

Everything is cyclical in Nature; and better times, we can certainly attain Nothing including our pain ever deserves our scorn or disdain
For Nature can give us only something bearable, that’s truth plain
So, whining or loathing over pain aggravates it and is in all sheer vain!

Instead, with awareness let us help decline, make it vanish and enjoy pain-free life again

By learning precious lessons from the cause of our pain to break the vicious chain

We could take up the challenge and unleash our best efforts new; all over again

If only with confidence and faith in Nature we could, our beautiful minds train!


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